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Operationalize your DEI commitments into daily actions.
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Find out where your company scores on five critical KPIs.  Pipeline's award-winning software identifies areas of the employee lifecycle that are preventing equity and inclusion.

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Drive revenue through equitable decision-making.

Performance reviews and employee potential ratings are typically the core drivers of the pay gaps our customers see. Pipeline’s always-on Pay Suite gets ahead of key decisions that impact pay, so you can ensure employees are compensated equitably from the start.

Say goodbye to annual pay audits and adjustments that simply don’t work.

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Pipeline supports every organization becoming more equitable and inclusive, wherever you are on your equity journey.



Get an ongoing pulse of your current state of equity

If you want diversity, you need to build for equity and inclusion first. And if you want to build for equity and inclusion, you need to look at gender, race/ethnicity and age data together.

Pipeline analyzes 120 intersections (gender PLUS race/ethnicity PLUS age) to identify the top groups to focus on to improve your most critical DEI KPIs and make better-informed decisions.



Intersectional Equity Matters

Did you know men are promoted 21% more often than women and 42% more often than Black women?

Get internal hiring and promotion recommendations that increase representation, save money on external hiring, improve retention, and ensure equity of opportunity for all cohorts of your employee base.

Pipeline finds 5+ qualified internal candidates for 86% of job openings.

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