Equity For All®

Choose the plan that fits you. Pipeline supports you wherever you are on your journey to becoming more equitable and inclusive.

Equity Baseline™
Understand your current DEI challenges with five KPI scores

For organizations that want to use data to identify areas of the employee lifecycle that are preventing equity and inclusion.

Equity Roadmap™
Measure your current DEI status and track progress across the year

For leaders that want an ongoing pulse on their organization's current state of gender equity. Stay alert, identify inequity hotspots, and make better-informed talent decisions that advance equity and inclusion.

Equity Engine™
Ensure your everyday people decisions are equitable so you can maximize enterprise potential 

For executives that want to hardcode equity and inclusion into the everyday people decisions their organization makes

  • One-time analysis with DEI baseline KPIs:
  • Establish your baseline equity score
  • Uncover opportunities to better support underrepresented talent
  • Pinpoint decisions that open or widen pay gaps
  • Uncover opportunities to increase representation across levels and departments.
  • Identify barriers that prevent underestimated employees from rising the ranks
  • Ensure a complete view of gender equity with intersectional data (gender PLUS race/ethnicity PLUS age)
  • Quarterly analysis of DEI KPIs:
  • Find out how far away your company is from gender parity + get recommendations to accelerate equity
  • Take an organizational view or drill down to team levels. Plus, filter data by gender, race/ethnicity, age, or all intersections
  • Track the impact of your DEI progress with KPI trends
  • Quickly identify the top 5 affected groups in each KPI so you can focus your DEI initiatives on driving the most impact
  • Always-on analysis & recommendations:
  • Pay Suite: Equitable pay range recommendations. Plus, get ahead of decisions that impact pay with performance review and employee potential recommendations
  • Career Suite: Internal hiring and promotion recommendations to create a more equitable and inclusive organization
  • See how every people decision impacts your organization's DEI in real-time. Guaranteed to improve equity as recommendations are accepted
  • See how recommendations increases financial performance, lower hiring costs, and improve retention
  • Basic Reporting:
    One custom-generated report with explanation of KPI scores and recommendations
  • Advanced Reporting:
    Up to four periodic snapshots per year. Visualizations. Dedicated login
  • Enterprise Reporting:
    Always-on, global view of all regions. Reporting within Workday available
  • Customer Support:
    Dedicated email support
  • Customer Support:
    One phone call per review cycle with a Gender Equity expert
  • Customer Support:
    Dedicated and ongoing Gender Equity expert and customer support
  • Security Essentials: 
    SFTP file send, SOC2 Type 2, GDPR Compliant
  • Elevated Security:
    Customized user provisioning and access
  • Elevated Security: 
    Customized user provisioning and access
  • API Integrations: ---
  • API Integrations: ---
  • API Integrations: 
    Workday API, cloud-based HRIS, and multiple integrations available
  • Good for:
  • Getting executive buy-in for annual planning
  • Conducting initial equity assessments
  • Adding an intersectional view of existing people analytics data
  • Good for:
  • Retaining underrepresented employees + improving representation
  • Conducting board reporting
  • Monitoring DEI and assessing equity on an ongoing basis
  • Identifying next steps and planning DEI initiatives for up to 24 months
  • Good for:
  • Going beyond annual pay audits/adjustments and unconscious bias training
  • Analyzing global and complex data from multiple sources
  • Hardwiring equity into your talent operations


Pipeline's algorithms are not the same as the basic statistical analysis required for EEO. Our algorithms go deeper to identify the root causes that lead to pay inequity. Yes, we identify pay gap opportunities, but they are forward looking while most EEO reporting is a retrospective report of statistical anomalies.

All client instances are siloed at the database layer. This means that your data is never mixed with another client's data. Our algorithms do not require the aggregation of multiple clients' data to be trained. We take data security seriously. Our infrastructure is SOC 2 Type II compliant.

Basic Human Resources Information System (HRIS) employee and organizational data.

Yes, we integrate with multiple HRIS systems. Workday is a partner and investor.




We follow US EEO categories.

No. Every organization is unique, even if in the same industry. While there are many aspects of companies that may be similar, the Pipeline Engine adapts to provide company-specific analysis to each client.

Quantitative performance ratings are a key input to our system. Written reviews provide a significant benefit to the algorithm as well as offer a unique way to see opportunities to correct bias throughout an organization without singling out specific people.

System Administrators can see all content, HR Roles can see all content but not HR designated departments or employee details, Managers can see recommendations that pertain to people that report up to them.

No. However, using multiple cloud-based HRIS systems will require multiple instances. Our Equity Engine™ provides a Global View across multiple HRIS.

Complete data is rarely available, and our process can adjust to handle certain scenarios. Even with imperfect data, the Pipeline Engine can still identify and recommend opportunities for improved Intersectional Gender Equity.